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Join Our Alpha Residential Program

Alpha Academy’s residential mentoring program is for young men who are ready for a 16-week immersive mentoring experience. If you are ready to take a break from the craziness of life and dive deep into who you are, this is a great opportunity for you.

What Our Alpha Residential Program Entails

Our Alpha residential mentoring program is typically 16 weeks long but can be flexible depending on the needs of the student. During that time you will be living onsite, volunteering, and growing as a person. You will be living in a house with 3 other students and 2 house leaders who are also here to grow, learn various job skills through volunteering, and participate in weekly mentoring sessions. You will also have the opportunity to learn new skills and bond with friends you’ll keep for life. 

Living Arrangements

The Alpha students share a master bedroom and bathroom in one of our 4-bedroom homes. The houses have to be kept clean and any maintenance needs must be reported to the Director as soon as they are noticed. The area around and between the houses must be maintained as well (no weeds or clutter). Members of the house must be respectful of their roommates and neighbors including the other businesses on the property. There is no alcohol, tobacco, vape products, drugs, or weapons allowed on the property. Overnight guests are not permitted. House members will eat dinner with each other and spend time together in the evenings.

The Mentoring

Each member of the program will meet on a daily basis with mentors. They will complete mentoring assignments in a timely manner. The assignment may have a video that must be responded to, a book that is to be read, or growth work related to their life maps. The content of the lessons will touch on issues related to goal setting, budgeting, investing, academic planning, time management, priorities, conflict resolution, healthy family relationships, healthy romantic relationships, healthy friendships, work-life balance, boundaries with others, fears, insecurities, spirituality, emotional health, and more! We estimate that you should plan for about 3 hours per day for mentoring.

Volunteer Requirements

Each house member will participate in one or more of the other programs at Son Care Foundation. These include Thousand Hills Pet Resort, Gentle Touch Pet Training, New Life K9s, and Mission Cars. We can also provide experience with various trades via our maintenance department. As part of this program, 25 hours per week of volunteer work is required. 

Work Requirements

You will not be able to have a job while you are attending this program. However, we will help each member of the program broaden their horizons with chances to gain new skills. We will help each member find a job that they can work after they complete the program. (If you already have a job you can request a leave of absence to your employer and return after you have completed the program.) 

The Cost

This program is completely free of charge to you. We do not charge you for rent or utilities, and we provide food. The mentoring is completely free. Our students also earn a $3000 scholarship once they finish the program.

What You Can Expect

  • To be working hard on emotional issues, and tackling some pretty tough subjects. We go to the hard places so that healing can happen. 

  • To have a lot of fun but also to learn to embrace a lifestyle that doesn’t hold fun as the highest priority. often this program can be challenging, but it’s always good and well-intended. Due to the length of your stay, there will be periods of routine and maybe even boredom, but each day here brings growth. 

  • To be hanging out and enjoying the company of your housemates every evening and weekend. We do a lot together and get to have a lot of great experiences because of the resources of Alpha Academy. 

  • To be with people different than you. This particular program is available to any young man, ages 18-24, who is willing and able to learn and grow. This means we may have Alpha Academy students from Cal Poly or Cuesta. We also frequently have students from out of California. Our students all have a wide range of backgrounds and struggles.

  • A different program under Alpha Academy also takes place in the second house on our property. This is a less intensive program and is an option for Alpha students to continue in their mentoring journey. Learn More


If you’re interested in learning more, please call Rhys at (805) 596-0433 ext. 1 or if you’re ready to take the plunge, please fill out our application linked below.

“Having gone through the residential program, I can easily say this program saved my life. Even if I hadn’t done something to hurt myself, I would have made decisions that would have wrecked my future. The loving people there is something I haven’t found anywhere else.”


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