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Be A Part of Our Non-Residential Program

If you’re looking for guidance and personal growth but have way too many commitments at the moment, consider our non-residential mentoring program. Alpha Academy’s non-residential mentoring program is the perfect option for someone with school, work, or housing commitments.


Connect With A Mentor

Fill out our questionnaire and one of our mentors will contact you. Your mentor will make themselves available to listen to, guide, and support you at a time and place that is convenient for your schedule.

We Can Help With 3 Key Areas

If you don’t know exactly what you need growth in, Alpha Academy mentors will walk you through the three key areas of life that we think everyone needs help with:

1. Who are you at your core? What is your personal identity? And is that identity built on truth?


2. What is your place in your community? How do you make every relationship in your life healthy? What do you do with unhealthy family, friends, significant others?


3. Where do you plan on going next? What is your calling/mission? What skills do you need to grow to find more success in your plans?


Mentoring Duration

Typically a mentoring session is weekly and lasts for about 60 minutes. We also offer weekly small groups for several guys in the mentoring program to get together. There is no charge for any non-residential mentoring service Alpha Academy provides. 


We do not provide mental health counseling, substance use disorder counseling, or have any intention of imposing a particular religious view. We offer mentoring in the areas of relationships, emotions, finances, vocations, education, spirituality, and physical health. We are not certified experts in any of these areas, just caring men with experience who want to give back. If you are in need of these services in a more clinical or professional way, we will be happy to walk you through that process and support you in the ways we are qualified to help.


“Before signing up for mentoring, I didn’t have any purpose for my day. I just woke up and went about my schedule without much happiness. After meeting every week with my mentor, I have a much better outlook. I feel like my life has meaning.”


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