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Who Inspires Us: Andy Stanley

Another teacher we base our lessons and goals of Alpha Academy is Andy Stanley. This week, we'll review why he inspires us.

Who is Andy Stanley?

Andy Stanley is a pastor, author, and public speaker. Stanley attended Georgia State University where he earned his B.A. in journalism and later earned his masters from Dallas Theological Seminary. In 1995, he founded North Point Ministries in the Atlanta Area. North Point Ministries consists of seven churches and almost 100 around the globe.

He has written more than 20 books. In addition to books, Andy Stanley also hosts a few podcasts. His most popular podcast is called, "Your Move." Every week, he talks about how to make the best decisions for zero regrets. He also hosts a podcast called "Andy Stanley Leadership." In this podcast, he discusses the important traits of leaders, how to grow a business, best tips for effective communication, and how to establish a company brand. Every month, over 7 million episodes are listen to and watched online. Stanley frequently speaks at large events for churches and other organizations.

What does he teach?

His books cover a variety of topics from organizational vision, organizational leadership, personal purpose, personal leadership, relationships, and faith and culture. One of his goals is to help his listeners better define their own purpose, vision and mission

Where can I learn more from him?

Stanley has written twenty books. From leadership skills (Enemies of the Heart) to relationships (The New Rules For Love, Sex & Dating) to modern Christianity (Irresistible), Andy Stanley has covered a variety of topics. Listen to his podcasts or view his sermons. At Alpha Academy, we use his advice to teach discipline and practical wisdom for life. You can see a list of his work here.

"Vision is a mental picture of what could be, fueled by a passion that should be."

- Andy Stanley


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