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Planning for the Future

Alpha Academy teaches its students about how to plan for the future. In the following article, the author explain how difficult it to reflect on one's life plan. Mores specifically, a person can only withstand twenty-five seconds of probing questions about the future.


Study: Average Person’s Life Plan Can Only Withstand 25 Seconds Of Direct


WASHINGTON—According to a study published this week in the American Journal Of Psychology, the average person’s plan for their life is only capable of withstanding 25 seconds of honest, direct questioning before falling apart. “While most individuals’ plans for the future hold together for the first few moments of explanation, we found that by the 20- or 30-second mark, people typically begin trailing off into ambiguity, equivocation, or flat-out silence,” said the study’s lead author, Theresa Colmaryk of American University, adding that most research subjects hit an impassable roadblock after being asked “How are you going to pay for that?” “In about 38 percent of cases, it appeared participants’ aspirations had been subject to so little critical inquiry that the simple exercise of explaining the first step of their plan aloud—be it to purchase a home, to travel extensively, or simply to learn a new skill, like cooking—caused the entire thing to unravel right before their eyes in a period of no more than six or eight seconds.” Colmaryk noted that even after talking themselves into a corner and finding themselves wholly unable to explain how they would achieve their plans, nearly 100 percent of the subjects still expressed confidence they would succeed.


What does this lesson mean for Alpha Academy? We understand how difficult life planning can be. That's why were are here to guide you through these tough questions.


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