What is Alpha Academy?

Alpha Academy is a Christian-based, 6 month long mentoring program designed to give students a break from their regular life and guide them toward a better path. 

How Does Alpha Academy Help?

We are a community where up to 8 men can work, go on adventures together, and live in a place they can focus on becoming more effective people.

We provide Alpha students with a 4 bedroom home to live in for the 6 months that they spend here. All food and utilities are paid for.

Students are provided with a job and are paid for their work. Some room and board is deducted, but most students are able to stay to save around $2,000 by the end of their stay.

Alpha Academy helps students stick to their plans by keeping them accountable and on track. Students find that they are more successful with someone holding them accountable.

Who is This For?

Alpha Academy is for any young man age 18-25 who is not happy with how life is going and need to take time to press pause and evaluate how to make it better.

Alpha is ideal for:

  • A high school senior who is not ready to jump right into college, but is looking for an alternative that will help him grow.

  • Someone who feels like they are "spinning their wheels" and do not know how to finally move forward in life.

  • A man who messed up badly at school or with his family and needs a place to pick up the pieces.

  • Someone who wants to determine what they are really good at and passionate about before committing to a major or career.

Our Goals

That you are able to make a plan and have the self discipline to follow it. We call this plan a "Life Map."

That you can create and maintain healthy relationships in the areas of family, friends, romance, work, etc.

That you would come to understand who you are on a deep level. We like to say we help you find your "True Identity."

“Alpha Academy was pivotal for me at a time when I was lost and had no direction. With the help of Alpha Academy, my life has truly changed for the better.”


Alpha Academy

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